The most beautiful Kiev girls

Kiev is almost the most “female” region in Ukraine. It is not surprising, as there are 120 thousand more ladies than men.

The majority of city is females: schoolgirls, students, lasses of working age, pensioners. According to statistics, there are 1256 lasses for every thousand guys. That’s why American guys will definitely succeed in finding Kiev girls.

Why Kiev girls are so beautiful?

What do European lads dream of when they are looking for brides? First of all, certainly, about:

  1. True love
  2. Guys want to love and be loved. Love is something men are not ready giving up on. Exactly Ukrainian lasses can love, sacrifice for sake of a loved one like no one else. They are capable of any boldest acts, to go to the end of the world, waiting for her man, find all his best sides.

  3. “Reasonable” beauty
  4. Kiev girls are shapely, always take care of themselves and dressed in conformity with the latest fashion, they 99% fit into Western understanding of word “beautiful”. Their style, an ability to always look good turns even the most common Ukrainian girl into a real beauty! Their style, tastefulness can be seen everywhere – at festivals, parties; they shine with their beauty even at sports events.

  5. True femininity
  6. Absolutely all European men who are looking for ladies want her to be feminine. This is one of root causes why they are turning their attention to the east. This region’s ladies want to live with the man, not to compete with him; they need a man, husband, a strong support. They want to see family protector and household head in husband.

  7. Education
  8. Like all Ukrainian lasses, they are constantly engaged in self-education, attend courses, study at universities, language schools. For them, knowledge of languages, classical works and philosophy is just a way of life. That’s why they are so interesting and multi-faceted.

Traditions of Kiev ladies – grooming

In Ukraine, it has long been accepted going to bath-house every week, while in Europe people bathed once a month or less often! During bathing, females and men slapped each other with brooms made from different branches (birch, oak, linden, etc.).

Washing with cool water in the morning and evening was also accepted, sometimes ladies replaced water with herbs decoction (chamomile, nettle, beggarticks, marigold). In days, when all girls and females worked hard in the field, outdoors, under the sun, white, not tanned skin was considered a sign of a wealthy estate. Therefore, females tried to whiten skin, and used parsley juice or tincture benzoin. At the top, on white cheeks, they applied blush – it was made of red fruits and vegetables’ juice.

Only rich ladies, who didn’t have to constantly work outdoors, could afford taking care of hands’ beauty. White hands with soft skin were considered beautiful. It has been known about paraffin healing properties for a long time – it was used for softening hands’ skin. Today paraffin caring procedures are very popular.

Chasing the dream: How and where to find Kiev girls for dating?

For those who are looking for dating with girls social networks offer a huge online dating sites number, so single men and females are actively using this opportunity. It should be noted that Kiev has entered the top ten most favorable for acquaintances cities in Ukraine. Recent data shows: there are 100 single men for 173 single women in this city. Moreover, 46.27% of Kiev women feel lonely.

So don’t worry about the fact that you won’t be able to be happy with such a mysterious lady, simply find dating agency and get acquainted with thousands of beauties!

Alluring Europe or How to date Kiev girls for marriage

It is impossible not to notice that Ukrainian women are very popular among foreigners, they are more welcoming, beautiful, caring. It allows women who haven’t been able to find happiness in their homeland looking for suitors overseas. Especially, there are men who are more responsible and gallant.
Therefore, if fate hasn’t given you family happiness in Europe, why not try to enter into marriage with Kiev girls? Especially because now it is very easy thanks to existing marriage agency, which helps people meet and find happiness.